Fusing Audio and Semantic Technologies (FAST), was an instruction from Queen Mary, University of London to create a cohesive narrative for this major £5.3m research programme and present to the recorded music industry at Abbey Road Studios in London.

The Project

Funded by the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC), FAST developed a number audio semantic technologies to demonstrate how the recorded music industry will be impacted by the expansion of Web 3.0 from initial production through the entire pipeline to final consumer.

Delighted with the event, surpassed all my exceptions

– Professor Mark Sandler, Principle Investigator, FAST

Video and Photo Galleries

Videos Recorded Live via Periscope (Nov 2018)

Professor, David de Roure demonstrates Numbers Into Notes, which generates new music using algorithms and mathematics that develop fragments of music using sequence of Fibonacci numbers to assemble a new piece of music for harp, originally conceived by mathematician Ada Lovelace in 1841.

Engineer, Dr Thomas Wilmering explains the “Grateful Dead Live” semantic web demonstrator, which pulls data from across the web of the American band The Grateful Dead live recordings, tickets and many other artefacts.

Professor Josh Reiss discusses FXive, a real-time online sound effect generation service. It replaces the reliance on sound effect sample libraries in sound design with use of lightweight and versatile sound synthesis models. Sounds are shaped at the point of creation towards any desired goal.
Engineer, Dr Johan Pauwels demonstrates Jam with Jamendo, a music discovery platform that allows music learners to find chords they already know from over 100,000 songs, using the linked data technology and machine learning. Recorded live at Abbey Road Studios via Periscope (Nov 2018)

Photo Gallery

More information available on the FAST website

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