Up The Line 2010

The second in the series of investigations into how opinions on conflict and war form, using short abstract live art performances as a medium to engage during a lightening storm in a darkened cemetery.

Taking place in Brockley cemetery during in darkness and a lightening storm, the audience weaved through poets, dancers, musicians and installations along a narrow path, giving a taste of the foreboding that might be sensed when heading to a battlefront.


This event followed on from a similar performance in 2009, assessing how war and conflict manifests and escalates, while nations and charities embody the symbolism and motifs of destruction.

Response and Accompanying Essay

Read the accompanying essay here with audience comments below;

  • Lovely evening – thank you
  • Nice music and thought provoking too
  • It was really lovely! Wonderful atmosphere, I’ll remember it for a long time xxx
  • Never knew how big the place was
  • I really enjoyed the walk and the poems. Very peaceful. Thank you
  • I love the diary and the film and piano
  • A wonderful idea thank you
  • Gloomy
  • A great event – very moving
  • Brilliant organisation. Please do it again
  • Very well done
  • Traditional – a song from one of the wars
  • Very spooky
  • I liked the poems a lot
  • Music and lighting was lovely – very atmospheric
  • Gloomy
  • Absolutely great – I hope it happens once again next year
  • I hope you do this again next year
  • Great music
  • Thank you – beautiful and very moving
  • Really enjoyed the poems! Enjoyed the tour was a very nice peaceful atmosphere
  • Very apt and well put together
  • Very peaceful and great event
  • Very scary I wish I was nocturnal
  • It was very interesting
  • Absolutely fantastic thanks
  • Great atmosphere
  • Very impressed will come again
  • Wow so beautiful very very moving my granddad was very happy to be here tonight xxx heart
  • A great event brilliant organisation please do it again
  • I love it heart heart heart
  • Lovely words and very atmospheric – loved the music particularly thank you
  • Excellent overall
  • Liked the glowstick path
  • Extraordinary
  • Very good
  • I thought it was very good but not as good as last years
  • Weird
  • Very reflective experience
  • Fantastic event and a great way to commemorate Armistice Day really wonderful well done
  • Brilliant
  • I liked it a lot but I’m sad there wasn’t any hot chocolate
  • Cold but beautiful liked the piano and poems by the women war poets
  • I enjoyed it about as much as last year (smiley)
  • Excellent, especially liked the music
  • Came last year and so glad you did it again, again next year please

John McKiernan

Read Behind Up The Line 2009

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Supported by London Borough of Lewisham

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