Up The Line 2009

Up The Line was the first in series of live experimental art and installation performances that sought to understand how people reach opinion on war and conflict. 

Taking place during darkness in Brockley and Ladywell cemetery, a designated nature reserve, hundreds of visitors weaved passed poets, dancers, musicians and installations along a narrow single track path. 


Inspired by the passing away of Harry Patch, the last British survivor from the World War One trenches, the intention was to consider different ways of engaging Remembrance. With zero funding the event was made possible by Platform-7 working with a wide network in the local community. Without a marketing budget, more than 500 people attended this free event.

Response and Accompanying Essay

The response was overwhelming with many people reconsidering how they thought about war and remembrance. Curator and Platform-7 founder John McKiernan written response, assessing the motives behind the event and how Remembrance can be rethought to include those who are disinterested or misunderstand how war and conflict manifests and escalates.

Read Behind Up The Line 2009

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